5 of the Best Ways to Become Involved with EHTP

5 of the Best Ways to Become Involved with EHTP

ehtpSince its inception in 1958, the East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) has expanded from a small children’s reading group and tutoring program into an organization that has transformed the lives of children from across the East Harlem area. Led by the driving core values of service, courage, humility, originality, leadership, achievement, and reflection (SCHOLAR), the organization operates a number of after-school programs and charter schools that guide young students toward academic excellence.

Over the years, more than 15,000 students have benefitted from the academic services at EHTP. In a community where the majority of students obtain less than a high school degree, EHTP is dramatically improving outcomes for local youth.

EHTP has been able to make a significant mark on students from the underserved East Harlem community through the work of its dedicated supporters. To maximize its impact, the organization has created a number of avenues through which the public at large can bolster its work. Whether you live in the East Harlem area or beyond, here are a few of the best ways that individuals can become involved with EHTP.


  1. Volunteer

EHTP has a network of more than 300 volunteers who work with young scholars from all grade levels. In order to best complement the abilities and schedules of its volunteers, the organization offers a number of opportunities for individuals to engage with its educational programs.

Those seeking to work with EHTP’s kindergarten and elementary school-age scholars can select from a number of volunteer positions. For example, Classroom Buddies is an after-school program in which volunteers collaborate with EHTP scholars on homework and participate in other class activities. Young scholars who require additional assistance with their homework assignments can meet with EHTP volunteers through the Elementary Homework Help program. Every Saturday, volunteers work with these students in small groups and touch upon the previous week’s academic topics.

EHTP volunteers can also choose to work in the College Mentoring program. The one-on-one program takes place over the course of two years. Volunteers begin by working with high school seniors when they are applying to college. From finding schools to researching financial aid options, volunteers assist with all facets of this process. As mentors, these individuals then continue to work with their assigned scholars throughout their first year at college.

Anyone over the age of 14 may become a volunteer with EHTP. Upon completion of the required application and compliance paperwork, all volunteers undergo training and orientation to prepare them for collaboration with EHTP scholars.


  1. Join its teaching residency

Through a collaboration with AmeriCorps and Hunter College School of Education, EHTP has developed a Teaching Residency program that allows aspiring teachers to build their professional skills while serving the needs of young scholars. Held over the course of 14 months, this program enables its residents to train as educators and ultimately earn their teaching certifications in New York.

During the Teaching Residency program, participants have an opportunity to collaborate with a mentor-teacher during classes at ETHP’s East Harlem Scholars Academies. These individuals also play a critical role in facilitating the organization’s after-school classroom programs for local students. The East Harlem Teaching Residency implements a model of theory, support, and practice that helps prepare teachers for placement in full-time educational positions.


  1. Attend its special events

boyEvery year, EHTP hosts a number of special events to showcase and fund its important work. The organization typically begins the year with its annual Martin Luther King Open House event, which allows members of the public to gain a firsthand look at the daily work of its students and staff members.

Since 2012, EHTP has also hosted an annual 3-on-3 Corporate Basketball Challenge to raise funds for its educational programs. The event encourages corporations to sponsor either individual players or teams, with sponsorship levels ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. In the past, the EHTP Corporate Basketball Challenge has attracted prominent sponsors such as Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young Global Limited.

Individual supporters can become involved with EHTP by attending its annual Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament. Poker buy-ins, individual tickets, and corporate sponsorships all help to fund the work of the organization while guaranteeing an entertaining evening for attendees.


  1. Become an employee

Talented professionals can also become involved with EHTP by joining its staff. The organization employs an array of committed employees to best serve the needs of scholars in its various classroom and after-school programs. Moreover, EHTP is home to a team of professionals who operate behind the scenes to ensure the success of its programs. An equal opportunity employer, the organization enables its employees to build their careers while guiding young students through their educational journeys.


  1. Donate

Donating is one of the easiest ways to make an impact on the lives of EHTP scholars. The organization accepts monetary support through its website, by phone, and personal check. With each donation, EHTP moves one step closer toward its goal of delivering free educational programming to one out of every five young scholars in the East Harlem area.

Outside of small contributions, EHTP features several donation tiers that support specific educational causes. For example, those who donate $100 will help to send one student on an overnight visit to a college. Through a contribution of $500, EHTP is able to purchase reading materials for a classroom library. The highest donation tier is $2,500, which helps to fund a summer internship for a student who is attending college.