About the Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organization

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was created to provide timely financial aid for single parents, disadvantaged students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans.The PCO Board: Eric Garvin, Young Huh, Karen Phillips, and Charles Phillips. The foundation has provided over 100 grants in the last two years.

The four PCO board members are lifelong friends and all have given to many traditional charitable organizations over the years. These traditional organizations are very helpful because they are efficient for the donor and require little time or effort. However, they aren’t as efficient for the recipients given the inevitable bureaucracy inherent in large organizations.

So the PCO board members decided to establish a charity with no administrative overhead that could make decisions quickly and focus on groups of interest to us. We were also inspired and educated by our Habitat for Humanity builds both internationally and domestically. At PCO, there are no staff expenses, no marketing expenses, no fundraising expenses, no office rent, no brochures, no overhead. We operate with a volunteer staff. 100% of funds go to helping people in need.

Our decision to focus on single parents stems from personal experience. Some of the board members grew up in single parent families and all of us were around them in our extended families. The second focus area is engineering students. Two of the board members benefited from engineering degrees. We are strong believers in the value of hard skills and STEM education initiatives for children.. The third area of focus is wounded veterans. Four of the board members and team members are classmates from the Air Force Academy and served as military officers.