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Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Helps Orange County Single Mother Through Medical Hurdles

Lorane Guitterez contacted Phillips Charitable regarding her daughter with lupus in the Intensive Care Unit at Childrens Hospital Orange County with Congestive Heart Failure and kidney issues. The flurry of doctors, specialists, and hospital co pays and deductibles left her financially drained and unable to support her other children. PCO was able to provide a… Continue Reading

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations Aids New Born Triplets

Joli Meade of Mckeesport, Pennsylvania recently had triplets and all three were admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Pittsburgh   Medical complications for the three girls began right away.    Ms. Meade is in the process of learning how to provide the specialized care the children will need. She is also a single mother not… Continue Reading

California Single Mother Receives Grant From Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations

California state budget cuts have resulted in mandatory and unexpected salary reductions for some state employees.  Ms. Tara Williams was impacted by these budget cuts while trying to support a daughter majoring in engineering in college.  Further complicating matters, her daughter had to give up her basketball scholarship to focus on academics which was another… Continue Reading

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organization Help Single Mother In Valdosta Georgia with Lupus

Lawana Gilmore is a single mother of four battling lupus in Valdosta, Georgia.  Ms. Gilmore has arranged for housing that should become available in the spring but needed a bridge grant to transition over that time frame.  The financial weight of caring for four children alone is not insignificant in a challenging job environment. Karen… Continue Reading

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Helps Single Mother Through Nursing School

Gracelyn Littlejohn is a single mother of two and attempting to complete her master’s degree in nursing with a goal of teaching.   Her own challenges with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer curtailed her previous normal nursing employment so teaching proved a more viable path.  However the challenges of medical bills and household expenses as a single mother… Continue Reading

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organization Contributes To Arkansas Foundation

The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame is a  501(C)(3) non-profit organization in Little Rock that, much like Phillips Charitable Organization, provides grants to constituents normally over looked by larger foundations.  The foundation provides a wide variety of community services in the African American in Arkansas community including youth development, health, and wellness, education, and business/economic… Continue Reading

Phillips Charitable Organizations Helps Navy Vet and Single Mother in San Jose

Brandy Bright is a single mother and Navy veteran with two sons who  was working at the Department of Veterans Affairs and then her contract was unexpectedly cancelled and not renewed.  Ms. Bright has found a new part-time position and should be able to sustain her family with the help of education benefits that she… Continue Reading

Phillips Charitable Organizations Helps Hurricane Sandy Victim and Single Mother of 5

A single mother relocated from a southern state with her five children to escape domestic abuse only to run into Hurricane Sandy.  Identities are not disclosed for security reasons.  The family was without a home and living in a shelter.  And then came Hurricane Sandy a week later and the family was then living in… Continue Reading