Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Sponsor 5 Students to Air Force Academy Diversity Program

The United States Air Force Academy hosts a diversity program for high school students each year.  The purpose of the program is to expose more students to the benefits and specifics of military academies.  70% of the students who attend the program are minorities and are from the lower socio-economic scale.  The sudents spend 3-4 days learning about Academy life and they are escored by cadets to get the flavor of real cadet life.

Private individuals and foundations sponsor the program and over 100 students attend each years.

Karen and Charles Philips Charitable sponsored 5 students in the program who will hopefully gain entry and go on to become Air Force officers.  Academy applicaticants must receive a nomination from a United States Senator or the Vice President of the United States to be considered for admission.  Over 12,000 applications competed for the 1000 slots for the class of 2016.

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation providing financial aid for single parents, students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans.