Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Helps Mom of Three Obtain Safe Housing

Amber Oliphant is a working single mom with three children. She and her kids live in a house owned by one of her family members, but recently she was told that she had to move out within 30 days. She wasn’t able to pull together enough money for an apartment in such a short time, and no one was willing to take her in. With nowhere to turn and her options running out, she faced the prospect of moving into a shelter with her kids.

PCO has provided Ms. Oliphant with a grant that will help her find a safe, secure apartment for her and her children. She also plans to use the funds to bring her loans out of default, so she can eventually go back to school to get an accounting degree.

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was created to provide timely financial aid for single parents, disadvantaged students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. The PCO Board: Eric Garvin, Young Huh, Karen Phillips, and Charles Phillips. The foundation has provided over 100 grants in the last three years. See more at: http://www.phillipscharitable.org/about-us.