Phillips Charitable Organizations Help 2 Married Veterans in Whittier, California

Tom and Tiffany Bandy are both veterans in Whiiter, California.   Tom served with the 2668th Transport Company U.S. Army.  Tiffany served in the Gulf War.

Tom recently landed a job after three years of searching. Tiffany is on 80% disability and unable to work. The Bandys applied for a short term personal loan from a local bank but were denied.

The family needed a short term boost to pay utilities and secure transportation to get the children to school until Tom’s first check arrived.  The children live 7 miles from school and the only working vehicle was needed by Tom to leave for work at 3am each morning.

PCO responded with a grant to bridge the family’s short term challenges.

PCO appreciates the service of both of these veterans.

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit foundation providing financial help for single parents, students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. 100% of the foundation’s assets are disbursed directly to grantees. Our charter: urgent cases where a timely bootstrap grant can initiate meaningful change toward a planned recovery.

2668th Transportation Company

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