Phillips Charitable Organizations Help Single Mother in Texas Reunite With Her Children

Shanae Smith of Beaumont, Texas saw her family torn apart after the end of a relationship.  Shanae’s belongings were taken or destroyed in the aftermath resulting in an eventual 20 year prison sentence for he ex boyfriend.

During the process her children ended up living with various relatives.  A few months Shanae found herself struggling to survive in a hotel for $35 a day and unable to get ahead or afford day care services to reclaim her children.  The child protection agency stepped in because of conditions in her relatives’ homes and she had not seen her 13 year old in four months.

PCO awarded Shanae a grant to get her family in an apartment and allow her to reunite with her children and arrange day care services.  The family is back together and Shanae has found regular employment.

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit foundation providing financial help for single parents, students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. 100% of the foundation’s assets are disbursed directly to grantees. Our charter: urgent cases where a timely bootstrap grant can initiate meaningful change toward a planned recovery.



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