Phillips Charitable Organizations Help Single Mother Return to Law Practice

Leslie, a single mother of three, was facing eviction after a complicated divorce.  With her former spouse on disability from a stroke, she received only sporadic child support.  She could not practice law part time because her Los Angeles Bar dues had not been paid.  After a series of other losses leading to overdrawn accounts and a state of urgency, Leslie turned to the Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters who in turn contacted Phillips Charitable Organizations.

PCO is pleased to announce that a grant was awarded, eviction avoided, and Leslie is now earning income to support herself and her son.

Phillips Charitable Organizations is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit foundation providing financial help for single parents, students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. 100% of the foundation’s assets are disbursed directly to grantees. Our charter: urgent cases where a timely bootstrap grant can initiate meaningful change toward a planned recovery.




“What virtue is there in a man who demonstrates goodness because he has been bred to it? It is his habit from youth. But a man who has known unkindness and want, for him to be kind and charitable to those who have been the cause of his misfortunes, that is a virtuous man.”
Deanna Raybourn, Silent on the Moor