Phillips Charitable Organizations Provide USO Comfort & Care Bags for 57 Wounded Afghanistan Vets

In the run up to the US Presidential elections, there is a dramatic increase in the number of wounded US soldiers in Afghanistan. The intent is make the US public grow weary with the war.

The National Military Medical Center at Bethesda has an urgent need for our wounded warriors and their families. Summer is unfortunately the season when combat is its most severe and right now we are seeing the largest numbers of in-patients at the hospitals since the war started.  The injuries are some of the severest as well – many multiple limb amputees.

Right now at the National Military Medical Center at Bethesda the number of inpatients on the wards is staggering – 57, when it’s usually 20-30.  The Center is working as hard as possible to boost morale devised a new program called “USO-Metro Comfort and Care Bag” and approached PCO about funding this project.

The staff would like to distribute the bags to current in-patients on the wards and also to new patients as they arrive. The bags include: 2 DVD’s – New Releases, Dunkin Doughnuts and Subway Gift Cards (both are in the hospital), puzzle books, and small games Snacks, other comfort Items.  Board member Col. Eric Garvin (ret) personally helped distribute the bags to the soldiers.

Phillips Charitable Organizations  salutes these brave patriots.

pco uso thank you letter


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