Single Parent Receives Grant from Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable to Help Pay for Childcare

Lacy Harrell is a mother of two young boys and two young girls. She is also a survivor of domestic violence—she left her husband because he was physically and emotionally abusive to her. Currently, she is staying with a friend in a new town, where she doesn’t know anyone else. With no job, car, or other connections in town, she cannot afford the high cost of childcare and is unable to go job-hunting.

PCO has extended a grant to Ms. Harrell so she can pay for daycare for her children while she conducts her job search. Her goal is to find a stable job and afford a car, so she can become self-sufficient and give her kids the life they deserve.

Karen and Charles Phillips Charitable Organizations is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was created to provide timely financial aid for single parents, disadvantaged students interested in engineering, and wounded veterans. The PCO Board: Eric Garvin, Young Huh, Karen Phillips, and Charles Phillips. The foundation has provided over 100 grants in the last three years. See more at: